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Chester County Cleaning Services | About Us

Be it a home or commercial space, taking care of its cleaning is a daunting task – an essential element of maintenance that requires regular attention but still tedious and time-consuming. People today rarely have time to go about their everyday business – how can one find the time to clean? The solution is simple: Chester County Cleaning Services.
CHCCS is a professional cleaning agency providing residential and commercial cleaning services since 2013. We’re a family owned business with experience and insight about cleaning services. With an efficient team of professional cleaners, a commitment to quality, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can easily take care of your cleaning needs!


Our Aim & Vision

Our aim is to provide cleaning services that assist our clients with residential or commercial space maintenance and effectively save their time, money, and energy as well. It is our vision to keep endeavoring with our aim until we become a reliable cleaning agency, renowned and loved for its exceptional service.

Our Service

Our cleaning service is optimized to be completely professional, providing safe and healthy cleaning and hygiene maintenance solutions. Our service can effectively take care of your home or commercial space as our level of service is of premium quality. We don’t believe in rough or half-hearted work – when we take up a client’s cleaning needs, we make sure everything is conducted extensively.

Our Cleaners

Our professional cleaners are licensed and professional, knowing exactly how to provide the perfect cleaning solutions. Aided with high quality tools and cleaning supplies, they can clean any area properly. Furthermore, we have ensured that our cleaners are ethical, friendly, and positive in their demeanor so that you get to enjoy a comfortable experience with Chester County Cleaning Services. Our cleaners are also vetted to be trustworthy so you can have the peace of mind that the cleaners in your home or office are reliable, respect your privacy, and are safe.

Our Promise to You

At CHCCS, our promise to you is one of customer satisfaction. We can confidently say we are adept at what we do and our enthusiasm and commitment enable us to promise you 100% satisfaction guarantee. To keep you happy with our services, we provide professional cleaning services and always make sure to respect your special requirements or instructions if you have any.

CHCCS enjoys establishing good client relationships so we go to all extents with our services to make sure that whether it is your house you come home to or your office where you require neat space to work, the space is properly cleaned and maintained. 

We look forward to providing our cleaning solutions to your home or commercial space. Get a free estimate or contact us today! We are located at 228 N Pottstown Pike Exton PA 19341.

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